[Repost fic] 너를 위해 (JoongShim)

너를 위해


Author: Kaoru.

Pairing: JoongShim.

Category: Angst & Pink at the same time.

Rating: G – PG 15

Disclaimer: DBSK ain’t belong to anybody, but well, this is my fiction, so they belong to me.

Status: Finish.



I know that you are the only person
Who can help me live properly in this world


Chap 1

Chap 2

Chap 3

Chap 4

Chap 5

Chap 6


  1. #1 by PhanJiMin on July 14, 2013 - 9:36 am

    Tại sao fic này lại tạm dừng nữa thế nàng~

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