[VIDEO + TRANS] 111003 JYJ OBS Interview

JYJ: Hello. We are JYJ.

MC: Pre-Orders, 300,000 Copies! Digital Music Charts, #1!

Group JYJ has returned with its second special album In Heaven.

The first Korean-language album in over a 2-year gap is so popular, to the degree that checkout counters exclusive for its purchase have been formed.

Yoochun: The album In Heaven has now come out, and we were also quite surprised, because many people had pre-ordered them and such. In seeing those things, I personally felt that because each of us had grown up at least a little compared to our pasts and had come together in that state to do things—and so in releasing the album, we’ve received the love of many people.

MC: In particular, this album is a hot issue because it has many self-created songs by the members of JYJ.

Jaejoong: That a person who is Korean would release an album that is in the Korean language was in itself something very natural. Nonetheless, for us, to do so was something that required much courage. 80% of this album is formed through the members’ own compositions, own writing of the lyrics, or otherwise such direct participation.

MC: Concert as the honorary ambassadors for Jeju—cancelled. Solo concert—cancelled. Like this, JYJ has in particular had much difficulties with their domestic performances.

Yoochun: Our original plan was to have another concert in Korea once more, but there were – I do not know the exact specifics myself, but —  many problems. As fast as we can, in Korea too… we also above all things enjoy performing abroad, but we take the greatest pleasure in domestic activities also and so our desire to do domestic activities is large.

MC: Recently, JYJ’s new song Pierrot has received the determination that it was unfit to air from a certain broadcast station. The reason was that the term PSM in the lyrics referred to “President Lee Suman” and so gives off the impression of a personal attack on an individual.

Jaejoong: To take the results born of a certain another’s arbitrary imaginations that are contrary to the thoughts of the creator of the work and to use them to lay down the conclusion that a song is good or bad, is fair to air or unfair to air per deliberations—We think, in truth, that to do is ironic and these are our words for them. We will do our best for our company to resolve this issue amicably and so to be able to show you ourselves in good form.

MC: JYJ has been active in acting more than on the music front. In the very beginning, Park Yoochun had a successful debut as an actor through Sungkyunkwan Scandal and gathered explosive popularity. After that he also took the lead for Miss Ripley and solidified himself as an actor. On the contrary, Kim Junsu chose musicals over drama.

Junsu: I did two musicals – Tears of Heaven and Mozart. Above all, this is different from something that I’ve always done—simply singing the albums. It is a field of its own. That I was able to go out, participate, in two works this year alone, was very lucky I think. As much as that, the things that I must gain from and learn from doing so have formed and I’ve felt them, I think. In the same manner I want to have my album activities as JYJ go as well.

MC: The final member to challenge himself at acting is Kim Jaejoong. He has acted a chaebol in a recently-finished drama and passed his test (as an actor). It is said that above all advice on acting from Park Yoochun was a source of strength. JYJ plans to now concentrate on activities abroad rather than solo activities.

Yoochun: Yesterday, Jaejoong nicely completed his final filming for Protect the Boss—I give him my congratulations.

Yoochun: Starting mid-October, there is a performance in Japan and we plan to perform in Spain of Europe. And since the JYJ’s album In Heaven has been released, we plan to do those activities well, also.

MC: At this point, suddenly his playfulness rears head—Kim Jaejoong!

Jaejoong: What was the title, you say?

YoochunIn Heaven, it is.

JaejoongIn Hea~

Yoochun: ~ven.

Jaejoong: Yes, thank you. In Hea~


MC: JYJ who has returned to us with their second album. We will look forward to your many activities as a singer also.

Yoochun: JYJ

JYJ: Fighting!

Jaejoong: Kim Jaejoong

JYJ: Fighting!

Jaejoong: Park Yoochun

JYJ: Fighting!

Junsu: Kim Junsu…

Torrent: DC 착한시민
Video Uploaded and Translated by: JYJ3


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