[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong Reveals Kitty Tracksuit at Odds with His Dashing Backside

“Director Cha” Kim Jaejoong’s Unique Tastes? “Kitty Tracksuit”
“Director Cha” Kim Jaejoong has revealed an adorable taste that is at odds with his drama character.
Kim Jaejoong posted on the 13th on his Twitter a photo with the words of “New Kitty tracksuit.”
He is walking the streets with a tracksuit that has on its the back the drawing of a large Kitty character. The Kitty that is odd at with his dashing backside draws laughs.
The netizens responded: “He looks like a ‘prickly city man’ but is wearing Kitty… something is funny.” “Last time the pants were Kitty and this time it is his top.” “Where can I buy clothes like that?”
Kim Jaejoong is appearing in the role of the Director of Headquarters Cha Muwon in the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss.
Translation CreditJYJ3


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