[NEWS] JYJ Breaks 300,000 in Pre-Orders for “In Heaven” on First Day Alone. Members “Fired Up”

“Proves Heated Popularity” JYJ Breaks 300,000 in Preorders for their Korean Language Album
JYJ’s first Korean language album has broke 300,000 copies in pre-orders.
C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, revealed on the morning of the 14th: “The preorders for JYJ’s Korean language album has overstepped 300,000, starting even from the first day. They have proved their popularity once again and are announcing a splendid comeback.”
It has become known that there is response not merely domestically but abroad as well. An affiliate from the agency said: “We are not merely talking about the pre-orders. It is being ranked high in the i-Tunes charts abroad as well. Because there is a tremendous response, we are realizing once again the scale of JYJ’s popularity.”
It is expected that after the release of the digital music files on the coming 15th the interest about the album will rise even further. After JYJ released Get Out on the 8th, it has received a heated response, such as being ranked high immediately after release on a variety of digital music charts.
Currently, JYJ is quite fired up about the response that exceeds their expectations. JYJ relayed: “We are overwhelmed in our hearts and happy that we are able to let our fans hear our music for the first time in a long while. It is a meaning album—they are songs that we had released through our world tour to the fans all around the world and also the album presents JYJ as it is in being created around the self-made songs that tell our story. As it contains a variety of genres, we wish that many people will feel happiness in listening to our autumn album.”
JYJ’s Korean language album has been arranged with the self-created songs which were released in the 10-city world tour that took place in 2010 in the center. The title song of the album is In Heaven, which was both composed and written by Kim Jaejoong himself. It is an album that allows one to see the musical abilities of the members and gathers anticipation.
SourceDispatch and Herald Saengsaeng
Translation CreditJYJ3


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