[NEWS] Jaejoong Awes the Production Crew with Awesome Basketball Skills O_O

JYJ Kim Jaejoong, He is Only Wearing a T-Shirt But…. Proves Muwon-God Attractiveness
Muwon-God excels at also basketball?
On the afternoon of the 14th, through the SBS Twitter photos of the JYJ member Kim Jaejoong playing basketball were revealed. These were scenes taken at the time of filming the episode of the SBS TV drama Protect the Boss that will air on the 14th.
Kim Jaejoong completed his comfortable outfit by wearing a short-sleeve white T-shirt and sneakers. Further he proved himself to be a man of sports by handling the ball freely in all ways with ease.
The afterword is that at the time of filming, Kim Jaejoong dribbled the ball with a splendid play and showed precise shooting, thus making the production crew exclaim in awe.
The netizens who saw this responded: “Indeed, there is nothing that Muwon-God cannot do.” “Muwon-God is also good at basketball.” “He emits light despite wearing only a white T-shirt.” “If such a director of headquarters existed in real life, I’d get a job right away.”
Translation CreditJYJ3


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