[Trans] 110907 “Let’s Get JYJ On Music Bank!” Fans Are On The Move

With JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)’s first Korean album set to be released soon, fans have begun a movement to get the group on broadcasted music programs.
It has been found that JYJ’s fans plan to buy their albums at stores that are included in the album sales count of KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’. Music Bank’s K-Chart Album Sales points are given according to the rankings from 1 to 100 on Hanteo Charts’ weekly nationwide album sales as well as the weekly album sales from Korea’s two major album distributors Synnara and Hottracks. Each album is then ranked proportionally to the total sales and given points accordingly.
But there is separate reason why JYJ’s fans are focusing on ‘Music Bank’. It is because KBS stated in May that JYJ were unable to appear on ‘Music Bank’ as they did not have an official album released at the time, which is the criteria for singers who wish to appear on the show. This means that when JYJ release their new album, there is no official reason that KBS can give to reject JYJ.
At the time of the announcement, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We thank KBS for their official statement that says they will allow JYJ to appear on their music program when they release an official album,” and “Even just by looking at the recent events, anyone can surmise that the artiste can’t help but be in the weaker position as their appearances on broadcasted programs are blocked for various reasons.”
The upcoming album will contain songs that are composed by the members and were first released during JYJ’s world tour that began after they dropped their first worldwide album ‘The Beginning’ last October.
The title song ‘In heaven’ is a sad R&B ballad that is written by Kim Jaejoong and the album will consist of ten tracks that include ‘Get Out’ and ‘You’re’.
Source: [Osen]


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