[Trans] 110907 “Korea-Japan-U.S.” Kim Jaejoong’s Love For S-Boards Across Three Countries In Three Different Styles

Kim Jaejoong has recently been showing off athletic skills that surpass that of a normal idol. He’s able to maneuver S-boards freely and his love for S-boards is already well-known amongst his fans.
Kim Jaejoong, who has made his mark as a global star, showcased his affection for S-boards in Korea, the U.S. and Japan in three different styles.
Japanese paparazzi snapped a photo of Kim Jaejoong riding his S-board and printed it in a weekly magazine. Kim Jaejoong, who was riding the S-board in the park on his day off, was seen with a black hoodie and jeans and looked like a normal youth enjoying a day off. In the photo, Kim Jaejoong is seen maneuvering the S-board with ease, with one hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone as he conversed. His calm composure and confident expression proved that his skills at riding S-boards were above average.
Next was Kim Jaejoong’s S-board skills in the U.S. In what appears to be a rehearsal room, Kim Jaejoong is seen atop a S-board. It can be deduced that he was showcasing his skills during a break and it has been known that one of JYJ’s American backdancers took the photo.
Last of all are the skills Kim Jaejoong showcased in Korea. Kim Jaejoong, who is currently appearing in the drama ‘Protect the Boss’, was seen wearing a suit as he moved freely on the board. Different from his previous casual outfits when he rode the S-board, Kim Jaejoong’s formal wear tugged with more power at the heartstrings of women everywhere. The blue shirt that he wore matched with the blue color of the S-board, giving off the feel that the two were purposely matched and accentuating Kim Jaejoong’s good looks and style. The production company posted this photo of Kim Jaejoong enjoying his break on his S-board.
Kim Jaejoong is currently being praised with ‘Of course, it’s Mu-God’ for his ability to move freely on the S-board. His love for the board can be felt through the pictures of him on it that were taken as he traveled the world.
Source: [ENS]


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