[SPAZZ] 110909 Jaejoong appears in Chinese Educational TV! Why is he an inspiration to this Chinese youth?

Program segment is called: I don’t want to be a “watermelon head”!
For the past 15 years, student Jie Jie has had watermelon head and wants to change his hairstyle.
He said: Take a look! This hairstyle is so handsome, has so much style! (Camera zooms in to JJ’s picture on his computer).
He said: This is the popular star Kim Jaejoong, his hairstyle is so cool, it looks so good when he dances.
After, the host asked Jie Jie again what is his favorite hairstyle and he answered “My favorite is Kim Jaejoong’s.”
What a cutie!! A boy of excellent taste!MySpace
SourceHero Baidu Bar
Translated + shared byJYJ3

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