[NEWS] Yoochun Purchases a High-End Villa With a Private Garden of Around 100 Square Meters

JYJ Park Yoochun Purchases a High-End Villa With a Private Garden of Around 100 Square Meters
Park Yoochun has become a resident of the UN Village of Hannamdong, which is spreading as the representative residence like a trend among entertainers.
The A Villa of UN Village of Hannamdong that Park Yoochun has purchased in February is a high-end residence of about 330 square meters with superb views of the Han River and is equipped with a spacious solo/private garden.

It was confirmed that Park Yoochun purchased this villa for the price of the upper end of the 2,000,000,000 KRW’s (T/N: approximately a figure approaching 3 million USD). Park Yoochun who has acquired A Villa through the proceeds derived from the world tour and other such activities as JYJ has delayed moving in until recently and remodeled the villa with the finest of interior design, putting in several hundreds of millions of KRW (T/N: approximately several hundreds of thousands of USD). In particular, it became known that Park Yoochun put in much effort in decorating the private garden that is around 100 square meters.

The assistant manager of Maekyung Real Estate Center Kang Byungsuk relayed: “The villa that Park Yoochun purchased as a superb view of the Han River and it is also well-equipped with the a system of entry that is well controlled and environment that is closed off, as appropriate for a residence of entertainers. In the vicinity of the villa that Park Yoochun lives in, the actor Jung Junho and the singer Gu Junyup also lives.”
Not only Park Yoochun but also Kim Jaejoong, another member of JYJ, has moved into the Sangsungdong’s mixed-use penthouse in the 3,000,000,000 KRW’s (T/N: approximately a figure in the realm of 3 million USD) that he purchased with the proceeds from his activities as JYJ about a month ago. Kim Jaejoong’s penthouse is a luxury residence of the highest level, being about 297.5 square meters and equipped with a terrace. He became neighbors with another member Kim Junsu who moved into a B mixed-use dwelling a month earlier.
SourceEveryday Economy
Translation CreditJYJ3


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