[NEWS] Jaejoong, Ji Sung, Lee Dong Wook, Park Yoon Jae – Fashion of the Young Company Director

Jaejoong, Ji Sung, Lee Dong Wook, Park Yoon Jae – Fashion of the Young Company Director
The “young and good looking company director” role has been a trend in dramas these days, and the fashion styles that these actors present are gaining lots of attention. In fact Park Yoon Jae, Lee Dong Wook, Ji Sung and Jaejoong are also known as drama’s F4. If you want to look cool, but need some advice, it’s not a bad idea to watch these drama characters and learn.
Much like his “sick” singer personality, Jaejoong plays Ji Sung’s rival, manly and passionate character Cha Moo Won, director of C Group Team 2 (also on the set of “Protect the Boss”).
As cold as his character, his fashion shows a more restrained and stoic look. (in a good way!)
His staple is also the suit look, wearing various blacks and greys. Although a simple achromatic-color scheme, his signature button loosened collared shirts underneath gives him a sexy and sick look.
Ji Sung portrays a more casual character on the set of SBS’s “Protect the Boss”keen into getting himself into trouble. He plays director of C Group Team 1, Cha Ji Hun, with an innocent but silly and goofy personality shows a different color of fashion among the “directors.” Usually wearing print t shirts under his suit blazer, Ji Sung gives off a free and casual look. Ji Sung also often sports a back pack to mix and match his styles.
Drama “Scent of a Woman’s” Lee Dong Wook plays director of the travel company Line Tour: Kang Ji Wook.
Although this character has a cold side to his personality, in front of the woman he loves, he is affectionate and very romantic. Lee Dong Wook has been seen wearing cotton pants and often knit tops or plaid shirts, giving off a more classic and dandy look. He also likes to show off those sexy collar bones by wearing v neck knits or t-shirts.
On the set of “Iron Will Daughter in Law” (불굴의 며느리) Park Yun Jae, who plays the role of Moon Shin Woo the perfectionist director of Queens Group, wears a luxurious style.
The character has a fine and considerate personality accompanied by a clean cut suit. Park Yoon Jae has consistently sported a slim traditional suit with a clean shirt underneath and a tie. A handkerchief poking out of the suit pocket from time to time accentuates luxury in this style.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have bosses that can pull off these looks as well as these four?
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Credit: Soompi
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