[NEWS] Muwon v. Jihun Melee in the Restroom– Headbutting

Boss Kim Jaejoong v. Ji Sung, Restroom Melee. “All-Out Headbutting”
Cha Muwon, in venting his anger at having had Noh Eunsul taken away, headbutted Cha Jihun.
On the 12th episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on the 8th, Cha Muwon and Cha Jihun’s melee in a restroom was portrayed.
Cha Muwon agreed to stay as friends with Noh Eunsul but his heart did not rest easily. At this, Cha Muwon revealed his true feelings upon meeting Cha Jihun coincidentally in a restroom: “Indeed, I cannot do it. I cannot let her go this easily.”
Cha Jihun was shocked by Cha Muwon’s sudden provocation. When Cha Jihun asked back “what do you mean,” Cha  Muwon tried to leave the scene, saying “this is not foul play since I told you in advance.” When Cha Jihun held his shoulders to prevent him from going, Cha Muwon answered back by headbutting him and thus relieving his anger at losing Noh Eunsul.
On the other hand, in this episode Cha Muwon expressed his ardent heart towards Noh Eunsul with the song Seoshi by the singer Shin Sungwoo and gathered all eyes.
SourceSeoul NTN
Translation CreditJYJ3


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