[NEWS] Jaejoong’s Sleeping Photo. His Milky Skin and Sharply-Raised Nose Attract Eyes

Kim Jaejoong Reveals His Sleeping-Photo, Boasts the Sharp Bridge of His Nose. “It Might Cut Me!”
Kim Jaejoong has revealed a photo in which he is sleeping.
Kim Jaejoong posted a photo on his Twitter on the 8th with these words: “Now I am going to lie down. I will sleep all of the sleep that I’ve missed so far. Good night.”
Kim Jaejoong in the photo has his eyes closed and half of his face is in the pillow. In particular, the milky skin and the sharpness of the bridge of his nose that could be seen above the pillow gathered the eyes.
The netizens who saw Kim Jaejoong’s photo with the bridge of his nose showed a variety of responses: “Please sleep much and eat a lot also.” “Our Jaejoong-Boss, good job.” “When you are tired, sleep well.”
SourceTV Report
Translation CreditJYJ3


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