[SPOILER] Muwon Sings in Karaoke — “Thought There was a CD On, Not That an Actual Person was Singing!”

Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye Unfold an All-Out Singing Showdown and Lead the Ratings Rise
Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss will unfold an all-out singing showdown and lead the ratings rise.
Recently in a Karaoke in Kangnam, Kim Jaejoong who is playing the role of Cha Muwon and Wang Jihye who is playing the role of Seo Nayun in Protect the Boss traded two of their favorite songs.
Wang Jihye who took the microphone first sang in a comical shouting method Paek Jiyoung’s Don’t’ Forget Me. She then sang with choreography, tambourine, and a good amount of cheer Pearl’s I am Okay. When she did so, Ji Sung playing Jihun and the production crew who were at the scene relayed praises: “It seems that when the scene of Miss Wang Jihye singing airs, it will become a hot topic and the ratings will also rise.”
Kim jaejoong also put his thumbs up and praised her: “Miss Jihye’s comic song is really on the level of a goddess.” He then relayed: “Recently there are many who ask about Miss Jihye. There are some who say that her looks make her seem a prickly city woman but  in the drama she appears cute, and those who ask about her real personality, and even phone calls asking me to introduce her to them.” At this, Wang Jihye smiled and answered “I call!!” and thus turned the filming set into a sea of laughter.
Continuing, Kim Jaejoong sang in turn sang the song Seoshi (translated into Prologue Poem) and Sung Shikyung’s I Made Them Feel Moved. Then the production crew gave glowing praises for Jaejoong’s singing, saying “indeed this singing is befitting of a top singer of the Republic of Korea.” An affiliate of the Karaoke also could not close his jaw, saying: “I thought that there was a CD on, not that an actual person was singing.”
The scene in which Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye created a warm atmosphere by singing their favorite songs in Boss can be seen on Thursday, September 8th, 9:55pm.
Translation CreditJYJ3


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