Evaluated to Have Opened a New Age of the “Director” Character

Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong of Boss. The Revolution of the Directors of Headquarters– You Were Also Someone with a Touch of Humanity
The two directors of headquarters in Protect the Boss are evaluated to have opened a new age of the character  as male leads.
On the 7th episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on August 24, Cha Muwon asked his cousin and rival Cha Jihun: “But don’t you think it’s fun?” Jihun asked back: “What is?” Muwon then answered as if teasing: “That you and I like Miss Noh Eunsul. I’m going to take away both Miss Noh Eunsul and the Right to the Corporation.”
As the love line has been revealed and the four-line relationships of the leads have become the main storyline in earnest, the characters of Cha Muwon and Cha Jihun have hit the viewers as refreshing. In the existing, previous dramas, 3rd generation chaebols maintained their gravity and kept their pride. Cha Jihun who says “Noh Eunsul, I like so much” from the beginning of the drama as if he never had any such pride, and Cha Muwon who hits back “I’m going to have it all” in an immature way—those two have broken the typical mold of the chaebol leads.
Cha Muwon as acted by Kim Jaejoong escaped from the typical “a merely cool rival” character who would let the female lead go in peace as if he had been waiting for it when she announces her leaving. Instead, he confidently asserted to Jihun that “I am better than you” and in order to get what he wants fought rolling on the floor and pulling hair. They even had a pillow fight like kids.
The viewers showed the opinions of: “I’ve never seen a drama like this.” I like the character of Cha Muwon. I feel that the facets that I always felt frustrated about while watching other dramas are now relieved.” “3rd generation chaebols who fight clutching hairs—they are so refreshing.” As if understanding such hearts of the viewers, after Muwon and Jihun fought tooth and nail, CEO Cha told Muwon he met in the elevator: “You were also someone who had a touch of humanity.” The viewers nodded along with him.
The acting abilities of Ji Sung and Kim Jaejooong have also contributed to getting the viewers to become absorbed into the drama to this degree. After the 7th episode of Bossaired, in a variety of online communities writings that praised their acting poured forth. They praised Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong, saying: “Ji Sung’s ‘loser’ acting is so dieback. Why did he do a romantic comedy only now?” “Kim Jaejoong has the “everyday life” acting down pat. He uses his body well, also, without going over the top.” “He has grown by leaps and bounds from the beginning of the drama.” “I feel that I’ve completely put myself into Kim Jaejoong’s Cha Muwon.” “I keep siding for Muwon-God. I hope that Muwon-God does not become sad.”
There were some opinions such as these: “But even after all that, Eunsul will pick Jihun.” “I like the way that the drama unfolds and the directing, but I feel that Jihun will in the end take away both the right to control the corporation and Noh Eunsul, so I feel sad for Muwon already.” It is that they are sorry about the (inevitably) predictable ending of a romantic comedy drama.
Protect the Boss has now come almost to the half-way mark. Can its remaining halfreceive praises that exceeds even those received until now? The viewers are watching each episode in anticipation, wondering whether the drama can indeed end on such a refreshing note.
Translation CreditJYJ3


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